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Squid Jig Design - The Tsuriken Jig

Tsuriken Squid Jig
This squid jig is made by Tsuriken, Japan.

Remove thread
1) First I removed the brown thread that was wrapped around the base of the jig. This thread helps to secure the cloth covering.

Remove eyes
2) Next I removed the eyes, which are stuck on with glue.

Remove cloth cover
3) Next I removed the cloth covering. This material is like a fine netting and is transparent.

Remove cloth cover
4) Because the cloth is transparent, the white and pink body of the jig is quite visible through the cloth.

Remove cloth cover
5) The cloth has been removed. You can see the top half of the jig body is painted pink.

Remove lead weight
6) I removed the lead weight. This was jammed tightly in the hole in the base of the jig.

Remove lead weight
7) After the lead weight was removed, I found another smaller piece of lead inside the jig. This is an interesting feature. It allows for fine adjustment of the weight and balance of the jig.

Remove fishing line loop
8) The small "second" weight is removed from the jig.

Remove fishing line loop
9) Next I removed part of the jig body to reveal the line attachment ring.

Remove lead weight
10) The fishing line attachment ring has been removed.

Remove squid hooks
11) There is a third piece of lead that slides into the body, just beneath the centre of the jig eyes. Presumably the position of the three lead weights adds to the balance of the jig.

Remove squid hooks
12) Next I removed part of the jig body to reveal the squid hooks and the white stalk to which they are attached.

Squid hooks and stalk
13) The squid hooks have been removed from the jig body.

Dismantle squid hooks
14) The squid hooks are attached to the white stalk with very thick nylon fishing line.

Dismantle squid hooks
15) I am removing the fishing line that holds down the jig hooks.

Dismantle squid hooks
16) There was 8 needle points to each row of squid hooks. Here you can see I have removed two of the needles.

Dismantle squid hooks
17) One row of hooks has been removed.

Dismantled Tsuriken squid jig
18) The Tsuriken squid jig is fully dismantled.

Topics for discussion

1) Three lead weights
The fact that there are three separate lead weights may be useful in balancing the jig.

2) Squid hooks
The squid hooks only have a needle point on one end. This presumably makes the jig cheaper to produce. I am a little unclear on how they wrap the fishing line around the needles to keep them in place. Perhaps there is some machinery available to automate this process. I presume that the needles are already bent into shape, before they are attached to the white stalk.

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Last Modified: 21 March 2005