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Squid Jig Design

Commercial Squid Jig Designs
For those you who are interested in making your own squid jigs, I hope that the following pages will be useful. Below you will find several examples showing how commercial squid jigs have been constructed. Hopefully this will help enthusiasts to design and make their own jigs.

green squid jig
Green Jig
red squid jig
Red Jig
tsuriken jig
Tsuriken Jig
yamashita jig
Yamashita Jig

Squid Jig Patents
Squid Fishing Patents
I have done a bit of research on squid jig patents held in Japan. I have prepared a Squid Jig Patents List so that you more closely examine some of the patents that have been sought for squid jigs in Japan. What better place to look for inspiration than the Japan Patent Office! Hopefully some of these inventions will inspire you to develop even better ideas! I plan to investigate squid jig patents in other countries and will soon include additional information on patents in the USA, Australia and Europe.

Homemade squid jigs forum
Homemade Squid Jigs
I have created a new sub-forum on the squidfish website dealing specifically with homemade squid jigs - Homemade squid jigs and tackle forum.

If you have any photos of hand made jigs that you have made, please post them in the forum, along with a brief description on how you made your jigs!

Squid Jig Parts
I have put together a list of suppliers that provide squid hooks, jig eyes, paint, jig fabric and other parts and equipment needed to make homemade or hand-made squid jigs. I hope this squid jig parts supplier list is helpful.

Last modified: 8 April 2006