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Squid Jig Design - The Green Jig

Green squid jig
I found this green squid jig while snorkelling. I am not sure who is the manufacturer. The swivel at the front of the jig has been damaged. A perfect reason to tear this jig apart and see what is inside!

Removing cloth body
1) First I removed the cloth fabric from the jig.

Removing cloth body
2) This revealed a second layer of shiny (multi-coloured) paper that had been glued to the body of the jig. The shiny paper is not in one piece. Rather, it consists of many small and overlapping sections of paper.

Removing cloth body
3) Here you can see the cloth cover with its typical striped pattern.

Dismantled jig
4) Finally the jig is dismantled completely. The body of this jig appears to be made of either a brittle plastic or some kind of dense foam. The material crumbles quite easily.

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Last modified: 21 March 2005